Course Name: Introduction to Travel Health

Cost: £170.00 per person

Who is this course for: It has been developed for Healthcare Practitioners, e.g. Practice Nurses and Pharmacists, who undertake travel health consultations

Recommended Frequency: Once then Travel Health updates as required

Downloadable Flyer: Travel Health Flyer

Course Information:

The learning will be structured with interactive elements, using case studies, practical activities and group discussions. Covering all elements of travel health consultations, including:

  • Competencies and requirements
  • Consent
  • Insect bite avoidance
  • Non-vaccine preventable diseases
  • Professional issues
  • Risk assessment
  • Sources of information
  • Travel vaccines

Course Learning Objectives:

To provide healthcare professionals with tools to offer travellers comprehensive consultations, including:

  • Understanding the importance of risk assessments
  • Accessing up to date resources
  • A good general knowledge of travel vaccines
    • Understanding vaccines and non-vaccine preventable diseases
    • The diseases they prevent
    • Delivering appropriate preventative advice
    • Be able to plan a vaccine schedule
  • Increased knowledge of malaria and the ABCs of malaria,
    • Deliver evidence-based advice to travellers about malaria prevention
  • Demonstrating an understanding of professional issues in the consultation