Services We Provide

Invicta Health has proven track record in delivering primary care based services across East Kent. Invicta Health has set up and implemented innovative pilots which have become long-term commissioned services. Invicta Health continues to work with the wider health economy (primary care, secondary care and community) to deliver integrated services.

Invicta health currently provides a range of services, for more information please see below.

    • Invicta Health Learning

    • Invicta Health Learning provides education services for clinical and non-clinical general practice staff in Kent and Medway such as in-house training, workshops, e-learning, apprenticeships and conferences. The courses are provided in coordination with the Kent Local Medical Committee (LMC), the oversight board and Primary Care Workforce Facilitators (PCWFs) to ensure practices can deliver core General Medical Services/Personal Medical Services (GMS/PMS) services.

    • Primary Care Mental Health Specialist (PCMHS)

    • The PCMHS service provides support and consultation to both the CMHTs and the GPs to bridge between Secondary and Primary Care and to ensure consistent treatment, care to the individual and sustained management in Primary Care.

    • Clinical Pharmacists

    • Invicta Health were successful in a bid to pilot a scheme to develop the Clinical Pharmacist role within Primary Care. The Wave 1 Pilot commenced in 2016/2017 and consisted of a structured 18-month programme run by the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education. Following our success, we are now working with West Kent CCG and DGS CCG to implement wave two and three bids.

    • DGS Home Visiting Service

    • Working in partnership with DGS Health, Invicta Health provides a Home Visiting Service across Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley (DGS) CCG areas. Following direct communication and triage between clinicians at the practice and within the Home Visiting Team, practices are able to access the service which provides visits to patients at home. Following a visit by a member of the team, a full handover and communication is reported back to the practice so that continuity of care remains throughout. The team consists of Paramedic Practitioners, Nurses and Health Care Assistants working within their individual scope of practices and is operational on weekdays from 08:30-17:00.

    • GP at KCH (Urgent Care Centre)

    • Invicta Health was commissioned by the Canterbury and Coastal CCG to provide a GP Streaming service for the Urgent Care Centre at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital. This went operational from 6th July 2016 and runs over 7 days a week. Collaboration between East Kent Hospitals University Foundation Trust, the Canterbury and Coastal CCG and Invicta Health has proved invaluable in providing a successful service with positive feedback. The service is aiming to work closer with the out of hours service to develop seamless pathways and handover.

    • Urgent Care Centre

    • Following the success of the service model at Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Invicta Health was commissioned to provide a GP Streaming service in the Accident and Emergency Department at the William Harvey Hospital. The service went operational from June 2017 and runs over 7 days a week aiming to improve access for patients. The service has received good feedback from organisations involved.

    • Martello Health Centre

    • In 2015 Invicta Health were awarded a 10-year APMS contract to manage Martello Health Centre in Dymchurch. The practice hosts a multidisciplinary team of clinical staff, including GPs, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Health Care Assistants, a Clinical Pharmacist and Paramedic Practitioner, working to provide primary care. The practice was visited by CQC in May 2017 and received a ‘GOOD’ rating overall. Please click on the link to visit the practices own website to find out more details about the services offered and the hours of operation.

    • Church Lane Surgery

    • From September 2016, Invicta Health were asked by NHSE to manage Church Lane Health Centre on a temporary 21-month contract. The practice was visited by CQC in October 2017 and are continuing work to improve patient care and pathways through the practice. The practice is developing innovative ways of working, with the introduction of two Clinical Pharmacists and a Paramedic Practitioner with the clinical team. Please click on the link to visit the practices own website to find out more details about the services offered and the hours of operation.