Urgent Care Centre

Following the success of the service model at Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Invicta Health was commissioned to provide a GP Streaming service in the Accident and Emergency Department at the William Harvey Hospital. The service went operational from June 2017 and runs over 7 days a week aiming to improve access for patients. The service has received good feedback from organisations involved.

What is Urgent Care Centre?

The Urgent Care Centre provides expert care for patients presenting to emergency departments with primary care presentations or minor illnesses. It also supports the Emergency Department flow of patients by providing a streaming system for patients to ensure they are redirected to the most appropriate clinician. This allows for the integration of urgent and emergency care which can further support early diagnosis to expedite the early discharge of patients. The streaming system reduces waits and improves the flow through the emergency department by allowing staff in the main department to focus on patients with more complex conditions.

Our Goals

To ensure patients swift and seamless review and treatment by the right healthcare professional to meet their clinical needs.

To support the department with ongoing joint working across the various streams of the Emergency Department.

Our Vision

Invicta Health is working closely with our commissioners, out-of-hours provider, and general practice to develop an integrated urgent care system which enables patients to be seen at the right place at the right time by the right health care professional.