People First

Our Staff, Our Patients, Our Partners
We will...
  • Work together, leading by example
  • Acknowledge each other’s efforts
  • Be productive & get things done
  • Be positive
We will not...
  • Be disrespectful
  • Dismiss our impact on others
  • Leave it for someone else to do
  • Hold on to negativity

Honest & Fair

Listening and learning from each other
We will...
  • Value everyone’s contributions
  • Listen to each other
  • Be open, Honest & transparent
  • Make a difference
We will not...
  • Be unhelpful
  • Ignore feedback
  • Blame others
  • Work in isolation of others

Striving for excellence

Delivering best practice with pride
We will...
  • Find solutions
  • Do our best
  • Share & deliver best practice
  • Be creative
We will not...
  • Focus on problems
  • Let people down when we give our word
  • Be defensive
  • Accept poor practice